Mark Consuelos exceeded expectations wife in her birthday

No one doubts the love Mark Consuelos to his wife Kelly Ripa. Star of TV series “Riverdale” celebrated the 49th anniversary of his beloved, and pleased with her beautiful bouquet of breathtaking white flowers!

Марк Консуэлос превзошел ожидания супруги в ее день рождения

Happy birthday, my darling!”, so 48-year-old mark Consuelos signed post to Instagram from October 2, which was shown pictures of his wife Kelly Ripa.
In honor of the birthday of his precious wife, the actor has organized a walk with the whole family to memorable places of the family. Photos from a walk he has published on his page in Instagram, signing that is not my life, if it were not found this wonderful
woman. The actors met in 1995 on the set of the TV series “All my children”, since then the pair is inseparable. Over the years of living together they have made three wonderful children.

Also on his page on Twitter, the actor made a very funny post “I’m really glad you were born! Because if it hadn’t happened, I would have been married three, maybe four times. I would have to visit hundreds of parent meetings and carry out awkward family holidays!
In any case, happy birthday, dear!”

Some words mark is not escaped, and decorated the whole house in which he lives them a rather big collection, white flowers. Kelly was so excited that I published a photo of this beauty on his page on Instagram, “the Best husband on earth!”, she wrote. Children of Mark and Kelly also congratulated her birthday. 22-year-old Michael, 16-year-old boy and 18-year-old daughter Lola also gave his mother flowers. “The best children”, signed Kelly photo in Instagram. “I love you three more than life itself. This is the best birthday I had!”

Kelly and mark have lived together for more than two decades, proving that in show business there are strong unions!