Marriage of kit Harington and rose Leslie almost collapsed because of the alcohol addicted actor

The marriage of Keith Harrington and his colleagues in the “Game of thrones” rose Leslie almost collapsed. The reason for the disagreement between the spouses was alcohol addicted a display of John snow.

Брак Кита Харингтона и Роуз Лесли едва не распался из-за алкозависимости актера

According to NW, the Union of Harington and Leslie were able to disintegrate in less than a year after the wedding. In the spring of 2019, the actress has been disappointed in marriage and even thought about how to file for divorce. After filming “Game of thrones” onscreen, John snow began hard to survive the separation from loved hero, so his problem with alcohol that occurred before, worsened also from celebrities suffer from depression. Deb Harrington didn’t want to live in such an atmosphere, putting the spouse before the choice: either he refuses from addiction, or they break up.

The words rose Leslie actor to be taken seriously, so in may, went to rehab, where he passed a course of rehabilitation. Levies dependence, Harington appeared at the award ceremony “Emmy” in Los Angeles, where he pleased the audience with a prettier view.