Martine Biron defends the 3rd link

Martine Biron defends the 3rd link


The former Radio-Canada analyst turned Caquist candidate on the South Shore of Quebec, Martin Biron, affirms that “anyone who lives here knows that it takes a 3rd link”, while acknowledging that more studies will have to be carried out to demonstrate the need for it.  

“I am aware that there are questions that are unanswered. I discussed it with Mr. Legault, we are aware of that, ”said Ms. Biron during a press conference where Prime Minister François Legault confirmed that she will be a candidate for the CAQ in Chutes-de-la. -Boiler.  

In his past as a political analyst, Martin Biron criticized the lack of traffic studies to support the creation of a tunnel between Quebec and Lévis at a cost of $6.5 billion .  

“There is a project office in place, we will answer questions. I am confident that quickly at the start of the next term, we will be able to answer these questions, ”added the new candidate.  

At his side, Prime Minister Legault specified that studies already exist. “You have to refine them,” he says, in particular to take into account the pandemic and teleworking. “But for me, as Martine said, it's obvious that we need a new link,” says Mr. Legault.  

Besides, the two now speak of a “replacement bridge” which will become necessary as the two current bridges age.  

More details will follow.