MARUV appeared in the form of the mythical Gorgon Medusa

MARUV (Anna Korsun) does not cease to amaze fans with their bold images. Recall that the fans of the flamboyant singer could again enjoy her dancing on the show dancing with the stars 2019. During the tenth air MARUV was leading the balcony and made a seductive number. Then Ukrainian singer shone in front of the cameras in the mythical Gorgon Medusa, which according to legend with just one look turns a man to stone.

MARUV предстала в образе мифической Горгоны Медузы

On his page in the network instagram MARUV bombarded subscribers with fresh photo bright image of “Medusa”. The shots of the singer posing in risque poses, showing smooth shapes.

For the new image Korsun chose an unusual black dress with a neckline to waist! Dress body is decorated with two strips of cloth which bare thighs of the performer.

As usual, particular attention is drawn to the hair MARUV, namely, decoration in the form of twisted snakes with ruby-eyes. By the way, Korsun also uses red lenses to make the image even more spectacular.

Subscribers singer is also quick to leave rave reviews under her new post:

  • “I can’t write a review — turned to stone”
  • “Space”
  • “There are no words. This is a wow”
  • “What a Queen”
  • “Incredibly beautiful!”
  • “SUPER image and afigitelnaya style! The beautiful divine! I love”

By the way, during the recent air show dancing with the stars 2019 singer sang his hit song — “Siren Song”. But in this unusual version, with Ukrainian motifs.