MARUV became one of the participants of the new season s Dances with stars


MARUV (Anna Korsun) never ceases to amaze fans of candid images and sensual shots. We note that just last night the Ukrainian singer has surprised thousands of fans of night shooting! While MARUV posed in a slinky “predatory” jumpsuit with lacquer panels, in the trunk of a car! The singer intrigued fans with a new video album.

MARUV стала одной из участниц нового сезона Танці з зірками

This is good news from Korsun has not ended. So, on his instagram page the performer has published a new photo album frame, which also posing in a tight sexy black latex, in the dim light, against the shiny walls and light bulbs.

“Backstage from the shooting s Dances with stars”, signed a series of frames MARUV.

Thus the singer has once again reminded fans that became one of the participants of the new season of the popular project Dances with stars z on the TV channel “1+1”.

So, the main character of the explosive season rolled around to the singer MARUV, which was ready to take the baton and promised to meet on the floor. The artist passed the baton to the next popular singer Poligraf Sharikoff, better known as Serge.

MARUV fans were quick to comment on her new photo:

  • “The goddess is dancing! Sure you’ll win”
  • “Best of all, mi love you”
  • “Rihanna is resting”
  • “Everything! I know who I’ll be rooting for this season!”
  • “That’s the winner! What shikaaarnaya”
  • “So much of autumn, we have not waited for”
  • “Waiting to win my Queen!”
  • “Out of space”
  • “Girl, you’ll win very excited”
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