MARUV emotionally commented on the new rules of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest

The outrageous singer has sharply expressed to the administration of the contest. She stated that innovations are violating her rights.

MARUV эмоционально прокомментировала новые правила Национального отбора на Евровидение

Odious singer, who recently failed miserably on the show “dancing with the stars”, not to mince words, expressed his opinion about the new rule of selection for the Eurovision song contest, which consisted on the prohibition of musicians performing in Russia, to participate in the contest. She told about it in interview to journalists of “KP”.

“People who live on planet Earth, and so severs a great many things: faith, skin color, political views. Today, music is the only uniting force, and even that we want to take, OBE*at obos*th. Sad, because this competition was created to unite countries and peoples after the Second world war, but about the fact forgot. In addition, this condition has restricted the freedom of each person, that are prescribed by law, and violates a simple normal human rights”, — expressed his opinion MARUV.