MARUV has been criticized by people’s artist of Ukraine

People’s artist of Ukraine Ivo Bobul sharply criticized the flamboyant Ukrainian singer MARUV for acting and singing.

MARUV подверглась критике со стороны народного артиста Украины

Live ObozTV to the question about his attitude to MARUV, the actor said: “I don’t know and don’t want to know. Everything is done artificially, it actually is not sincere, not candid, some kneading is not clear what”.

The question Bobul would sing a duet with the flamboyant star, he replied: “No. I respect myself. I wish I sang with Tina Karol or Celine Dion. My voice is not for MARUV, and more for great singers. There is a range, there is a tone, there is power.”

“I see what I see. I didn’t like it. She may be good, I don’t know. But what I saw there some sticking out of your ass – I didn’t like it. Sorry, I’m an aesthete”, he added.

Appreciating the vocals of the singer, Bobul stated that it “promyaukal something strange”, and expressed willingness to teach her how to sing.