MARUV intriguing spicy dance

MARUV, it seems, decided to “rehabilitate” and to regain the lead on the show dancing with the stars 2019. Note that two consecutive broadcast MARUV and her partner JAY take the 6th place. Although the results of the first live members of the jury identified them to the third position, and after the second broadcast on the 5th. In this case Francisco Gomez once said that he wants to see me sing more than dance. Although at times during the 4th live singer managed to “shock” the audience with the image of the “predator”.

MARUV интригует пикантным танцем

Not in the network how to discuss fourth on Dancing with the stars as MARUV already engrossed in rehearsing new productions. Recall that the fifth broadcast will be held on 22 September on the channel “1+1”. On his page in the network instagram under “stories” Korsun have published a racy video of the rehearsal hall.

The video captured a brief moment of rehearsal. The Korsun hones moves… pole!

“This Sunday! Dancing with the stars! There will be something very special” — left under the video intriguing review MARUV. The corresponding video was published in twitter-account MyGlamWish.

A performer rehearses in a tight bodysuit and standing on Pointe. It’s hard not to pay attention to the long and slender legs MARUV.

Besides, the singer revealed even more photos from past air. We will remind, then Anna Korsun appeared in a very bright and bold in the spirit of the 90s. on the floor dancing with the stars 2019 it came out in a fur coat with leopard spots, blue tights and silver boots.

“Ukrainian ghetto-style”, — jokingly signed photo album of the singer.