MARUV made a splash with his outrageous behavior on the red carpet in Spain

In Seville, Spain was held the ceremony of awarding the prestigious award European MTV Awards. Among the known nominees was our Ukrainian singer MARUV. Here only it was presented in the category “Best Russian artist”, which won.

MARUV произвела фурор своим эпатажным поведением на красной дорожке в Испании

Provocative actress on the red carpet made a splash. In front of cameras, she appeared in a latex jumpsuit, over which wore a dress of blue Ombre spaghetti strap, slit latex gloves and strips.

Your outfit is it complements the varnished hat with ears, which added to her playfulness. Rich makeup and simple earrings completed her bow.

MARUV behaved in front of the cameras, as always, shocking. She got down on all fours and began to pose sexually. Thus, it has attracted the attention of the entire audience.