MARUV posed in a fur coat and gym shorts

MARUV (Anna Korsun) love to spoil the many thousands army of fans for their “fashion tricks”. Scandalous Ukrainian singer is not against experiments with looks and style. At that, the more bright and garish, the better. For example, during the tenth air show dancing with the stars 2019 (passed October 27) Korsun appeared in the form of “snake charmers”. The singer posed, as always, in a very seductive outfit black. And her hair was decorated with unusual snakeskin composition.

MARUV позировала в шубе и спортивках

In the section “stories” on his page in the network instagram MARUV showed a photo of his saucy daily image. As always, Korsun boldly combines the most trending thing this year and Autumn 2019. So, Anna is posing in a cropped fur coat. Please note that fur is still a trend but artificial! Products from natural fur to wear for a long time not fashionable!

Trend way MARUV complete the sporty black pants famous brand, tucked into leather boots with a wide top.

MARUV позировала в шубе и спортивках

However, the main focus of sport-chic image made on a felt hat with a flat brim. The hat is also decorated with a gold chain that looks even more impressive. And the top of the” image of sunglasses!