MARUV promised that the most interesting will be in the finals of Dancing with the stars 2019

Daring and provocative MARUV of ether into the ether of the project dancing with the stars 2019 surprising is not only spectacular, but also the technique of choreography. The singer was able to add flavor to your performances with a partner on the parquet Ahem (Evgeny Dmitrenko). But the most interesting star in store for the finale.

MARUV пообещала, что самое интересное будет в финале Танцев со звездами 2019

During a joint live broadcast with JAY in Instagram, the actress said about what will amaze during the fourth live broadcast, his attitude to competition, as well as future plans.

Anna confessed that he can not disclose all the details of the broadcast, but promises fans a memorable and bold room.

“Producer dancing with the stars is going to kill me for what I will give you the secret. But it will be interesting, slightly unexpected from us with Zhenya and very bold and social,” said Anna.

Closer to the final project the actress has promised to surprise fans and said that he was preparing for them, some secret of the dance.

“There are still a provocative dance. Most interesting, namely the tango, I left for the end. So you have to stock up on Texts and support me all this time. The juice I made for the final. It is just unreal. Three of the dance, the choreography, there will be tango!” intrigued the singer.

“I will show you different Anna, just don’t rush. Will the latex not just latex will be different,” promised MARUV.

Ballroom dancing Anna has masters – she is exploring this direction with his partner.

“I started with modern and folk dance, and then mastered for a little bit hip-hop. The foundations of some of the classics I was now a little bit trying to grab the ball choreography,” he told the star.

On competition MARUV tries not to think about it – she thinks it’s a waste of time and effort.

“Tell you a secret: if you focus on competition, it is a waste of energy, is a losing option. But if you get fixated on the pleasure in the dance, then spend the energy on building up you stay in any case in win” — shared the philosophical arguments of the performer.

Anna admitted that against the Duo with Jamala. “I like her creativity. When you receive an appropriate song, I’ll suggest something along to do,” she promised.