MARUV shocked photoshoot with a live Python

MARUV (Anna Kran) seem to have remained in great delight from his high-profile image, “charmers of serpents,” in which the outrageous singer appeared before the cameras during the tenth air show dancing with the stars 2019 (throwed 27 October). The singer decided to “bewitch” their fans by posting a series of photos of a new image. Moreover, the photographs MARUV posing with a new “friend” — in a spectacular photography also involved a huge Python!

MARUV шокировала фотосессией с живым питоном

Recall that 10 live dancing with the stars 2019 was held under the theme of Halloween (celebrated on October 31). All star project members and their couples chose their mystical characters and were reincarnated in them. Anna Korsun chose the image of a monster from Greek mythology — Medusa with a female face and snakes instead of hair. According to mythology, the Gorgon stare would turn a man to stone.

“Мedusa Gargona Inda house”, — has signed a series of photos of Korsun.

MARUV шокировала фотосессией с живым питоном

The most striking detail of the image MARUV — of course, hair! The singer tried on the wig of gray hair, which was adorned with an unusual “diadem” in the form of a silver snake with red eyes-rubies. Looks like this image very bright.

And to further enhance the effect of the singer posing with a live exotic snake.

Ukrainian fans of the singer were quick to leave their rave reviews:

  • “Finally the fire! Looks very impressive!”
  • “Beauty — terrible force!”
  • “There is harmony”
  • “So naturally! Every woman is a snake! Ha ha!”
  • “Snapple is the most beautiful and cool”
  • “What is fascinating”
  • “Daenerys Gordonovna”
  • “And Marov wasn’t kidding when in the air said I’ll dress up as a jellyfish”