Maryla Rodowicz faced a huge challenge. “I barely got to the stage.” All because of the unusual styling of the star

Maryla Rodowicz decided on a bold styling that caused her a lot of problems.

 Maryla Rodowicz faced a huge challenge.

As indicated by the “Radio Zet” portal, Maryla Rodowicz appeared on the TVP Grand Test, which was related to the 70th anniversary of the station's existence. The singer enriched the event with a performance, during which she sang her hit “But it was already”. The artist, as always, focused on a unique scenic image. She chose latex pink wedge boots for the original outfit. It cannot be denied that the shoes she decided to wear for this occasion caused her a lot of trouble.

Maryla Rodowicz for years with TVP

Maryla Rodowicz has enjoyed unflagging popularity for decades. The star willingly took part and still takes part in events organized by Polish Television, including at New Year's Eve concerts organized by TVP. She also sits on the jury of the “The Voice Senior” program.

She was also present during the Great Test organized on the occasion of the station's 70th anniversary. Rodowicz appeared on the stage and sang her great song “But it was already”. As usual, Maryla Rodowicz chose an unusual styling that caught the eye.

Troublesome styling by Maryla Rodowicz

This time the star put on a black corset and a pink skirt, which revealed the star's legs in the front, while at the back it surprised with a large ruffled train. In addition, she put on a hat with a huge brim and latex boots, which attracted the eye not only in color. The wedge of the shoe was surprisingly high.

Maryla Rodowicz admitted that the transition in shoes on such a high wedge was a huge challenge for her.

” I barely got to the stage, the wardrobe was on the second floor below, then wandering behind the stage in the dark, on cables, on decorations “- complained the star.

And how do you like Maryla Rodowicz in such a pink and black version?