Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka broke the silence. Halinka from “The World According to the Kiepskis” gave birth to the whole truth

The topic of the life of the star of the series “The World according to Kiepskich” in extreme poverty began when the actress gave an interview …

 Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka broke the silence. Halinka from the

She said then that due to pandemic restrictions and prohibitions that prevented many people, including artists, of course, from working in the theater and earning a living, she was forced to use her long-accumulated savings. She clearly added that it is difficult to understand how those who do not have such savings are dealing with this difficult situation.

The fans decided to support the actress. How did she react?

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After this statement by Marzena Kipiel-Sztuki, the press immediately started blowing up the news about the actress's extreme poverty, how much she complained about her fate and the fact that nothing to live for. This fueled the gossip spiral enough to alarm the artist's loyal fans.

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They decided to organize a fundraiser for the star on one of the platforms created for this purpose. In the end, Kipiel-Sztuka herself decided to comment and end this situation once and for all, who directly said that she had never lived in extreme poverty, did not complain about her financial condition and never meant to complain about her financial situation. j los.

She just wanted to emphasize that the bad situation forced her to reach for savings, and that she wonders about the situation of those who did not have any “surprises” on the black an hour.

I have never been in extreme poverty, and even if I were – my good upbringing and sense of decency would not allow me to organize any screenshots for me in my own pocket. Do I look emaciated and starved? – stated the actress firmly, who at the same time invited everyone to her recitals.