Masha Efrosinina admired affection with her husband

Masha Efrosinina incredibly cherishes his family. She carefully nurtures and protects the romance alive with her husband Timur by Chromium, trying to be understanding perfect mom for my daughter Nana and son Sasha, and in it she masterfully manages to be successful in the profession!

Маша Ефросинина восхитила нежностью с мужем

Presenter has an excellent sense of humor, knows how to look stylishly and elegantly highlighted. During a recent photo shoot she managed well to play the role of Princess Olga – “women loving, but vengeful”. Pretty tired from everyday worries and everyday work, Mary decided to relax and went in a long-awaited vacation with her husband and daughter.

On the page in Instagram she posted a romantic photo session with Timur. Happy telediva hugging the man she loved, but he only held her tighter to him. Leading with love and adoration looking at her husband, who smiles happily.

Masha said that he had decided to make a spontaneous family vacation to …Mexico! A couple of missed summer vacation, but decided to catch up in the fall.

“I don’t believe in collages, cards, visualizations and waiting for a miracle! I believe in the power of desire and that the universe sees all our steps. We did not plan, did not have time opportunities that are not vacationing in the summer, had no idea how to pause a job…. But very much like… a vacation!!!! So he came to us! But still very unusual (we like!). We with Timur and Nanashi invited to explore one of the most eco-oriented resorts in the world — reserve of MAYAKOBA in Mexico” — shared the joy of celebrity.

Son Sasha Masha left at home with grandma, and fans honestly promised to report from the rest.

“Sanushka not taken very far to go, and his party, the regime and grandma Ludaca which allows you to play this mode in one place. PS My plan is to tell you about this journey, so that starts my stories a reality,” wrote a leading.

Subscribers Masha began to wish her a great stay and assured that with impatience will wait for news from the star.

  • Class! Have a good holiday!
  • VI duzhe mil
  • You are beautiful
  • So beautiful
  • A wonderful stay, You are very beautiful couple
  • I admire You a pleasant stay
  • How do you keep love? You look so happy in the photo
  • Cool
  • Maria, very happy for you!! You deserve this vacation! Cool you to relax
  • So cute and real