Masha Efrosinina admired beauty in luxurious dresses

Masha Efrosinina — owner of impeccable taste when it comes to choice of attire and stylish compilation of onions, both everyday and for going out. During a vacation in Mexico leading amazed fans with their bows and resort, one spectacular, the other, and back in Kiev began to work. So, she became the host of the awards ceremony ELLE STYLE AWARDS 2019. The media personality appeared at the event in a luxurious dress soft peach beige with fine black floral patterns.

Маша Ефросинина восхитила красотой в роскошных нарядах

Sheer long dress in floor with open shoulders and highlighted waist is emphasized slender form Masha. Hair leading was smoothly laid with perfectly smooth parted in the middle. Accessories – big massive hanging earrings.

By the way, before the ceremony, she asked the subscribers what dress to prefer. Another possible option was the spicy mini light beige color with a dense Cup. It turned out that it is part of a complete image, and bodysuit with a skirt leading wore underneath his luxurious main attire.

Маша Ефросинина восхитила красотой в роскошных нарядах

Fans were delighted with a solemn bow of Masha. They immediately appreciated the chic outfit teledive.

  • Beautiful, stylish, simply stunning. Bravo
  • Gorgeous! Incredible platysma and a perfect fit!
  • The perfect taste!
  • Your look both delicate and sexy, class
  • A chic way
  • Divine
  • Mary, you have a great view
  • Just gorgeous woman! I Admire You
  • Goddess, beautiful, gorgeous beauty
  • Magic!