Masha Efrosinina called transition rules during the cold period

Masha Efrosinina had regularly led the network in the section “my shop”, where shared rules and advice from different spheres of life. In recent time, leading a little forgotten about it, however, with the advent of autumn has once again decided to revive. On his page on Instagram, the actress, who previously revealed a major plus popularity, shared clothes, and its rules of transition during the cold period.

Маша Ефросинина назвала правила перехода в холодный период

In the picture Mary is depicted in a beige turtleneck, yellow pants, and barefoot. The star took a playful sporty position and fun laughs. By the way, sports is part of her new “roundabout”, because nobody wants to gain weight.

“Over the past two days me ten times asking when will be the new #Mohapatra? I didn’t expect to hear that question will be damn good)) Although I think for a long time that heading to YouTube a little outdated — well, what else can you tell when you’ve confessed their shortcomings and views? But the great joy that you are heading still remember, I decided to share today the five rules of the transition in the cold period: ⠀

-1. Be sure to seem your therapist! Autumn and spring periods of exacerbation of all chronic problems! So the analysis of passed, and quiet for the winter 🙂 ⠀

— 2. Control sugar! Starting to get cold – ass wants to grow! If eaten in the summer the hotel will be able to “come out” in the Park, and even sweat in the heat, the cold body does not want any of the walks, and the cake lays in a warming round in the belly! ⠀

-3. Go to bed early! Why, why, why are you so slept in, drank coffee, went to the gym, had a couple of meetings and…. fell asleep in the car as a student after a three-day goldbase to prom? Answer see above — changes the body! So give him a very important two hours before midnight – with them he will sleep much more effectively. Well, try to watch one episode of the series less and fall asleep around 22.00! ⠀

— 4. Dress nice and bright! Many will not explain, you think — we live in a remarkably unjust climate: from swimsuits to down; from down in sandals!!! Therefore, those rare weeks of the off-season that we are given should be used sensibly – dresses with boots, trench coats with boots and suits with shawls become the stars of street – style for MYSELF ! Ahead of six months of cold weather! In the drawers with fleece not much pomocnicze.⠀

-5. Sport. The natural desire for movement is reduced! Already in the summer, not walk half the city, and taxis or waiting for transport! So plus one/two workouts per week! But only those physical loads that bring pleasure and not a hatred of all beefy men only because they remind your coach Valera”, — explained Efrosinina action plan.

Members immediately began to thank Mary for useful tips and inspiration.

  • Mary you inspire women! Thank you
  • You are always fun to read)) sometimes I feel like I’ve known You all my life
  • Super! Brief and affordable!
  • Super!!! Garn parade!!!
  • I love heading my roundabout, it clearly has not outlived its usefulness
  • Very good and useful tips, thank you!
  • Very subtle and beautiful, and the photos and text. I like to read your full post, not just the caption to the photo
  • Yak all blochno I vchasno!
  • love, Mary, you are a super motivator!
  • Masha, I love You!!!
  • Mashenka, you supermotivation. Depression — no, not heard))
  • Good ours!!!!!!
  • VI — neimovirna