Masha Efrosinina discovered “social marathon”

Masha Efrosinina after Mexican vacation immediately proceeded to business and for the marathon of social events. Note that in Mexico, anchorwoman vacationing with her husband Timur and daughter Nan, but the 5-year-old son Sasha on a long trip couldn’t go and stayed home with grandma. Back in Kiev, Efrosinina even Halloween, 2019 in time to celebrate! Leading appeared in the form of Lady Katarina with “grim” Macapa. Masha fans were amazed by the transformation her pet.

Маша Ефросинина открыла для себя «светский марафон»

New image Efrosinina is not related to the category of “shock content”, but also attracted not less attention. The new event Masha flashed in a stylish Trouser combination.

So, Efrosinina called for the display of a new collection of Ukrainian brand SIX. For the release of the secular Masha chose a fitted black leather pants. Note that the skin — leading trend of the autumn of 2019! Sophisticated look boxy jacket green. From accessories — green bag. Add a cool bow black lace-up heels.

“In the secular life you need to miss, to pass a week #setscenario”, — has signed a series of photos Efrosinina.

Fans Masha was delighted with her new image. Moreover, many began to comment, saying that this is the way Mary is very similar to Hollywood actress demi Moore.

  • “I like demi Moore… Elegant and beautiful woman”
  • “Maria, You look fantastic!”
  • “What a beautiful!!!! Prosperity to you”
  • “You look beautiful!!”
  • “Very nice image”
  • “Masha you are awesome, I always admire and get inspired)) but still smart”
  • “As always Masha is gorgeous! And You are so pretty in emerald green”
  • “Smaragdoviy color You so Paso”