Masha Efrosinina in swimsuit told me that had a 10 days holiday in a hot country

Masha Efrosinina rarely publishes candid shots and shows yourself in a bathing suit, although in his 40 years boasts a luxurious toned figure. But on holiday she shares beach photo, including and shows your shape. That does not always cause a positive reaction from users of the network, but leading with dignity stood up to haters in a recent video from Mexico and offered just to unsubscribe to those who do not like the way it looks. Fresh frame in his Instagram she also poses in a swimsuit — actress talked about the main events that happened 10 days of rest by the ocean.

Маша Ефросинина в купальнике рассказала, что успела за 10 дней отдыха в жаркой стране

Masha captured on the beach in a glamorous black swimsuit with high waisted and the top in the form of top and sunglasses. By the way, the TV star admitted that a little fatter in the holidays — and all because of the very delicious nachos!

So, 10 days in Mexico: ⠀ ⠀
—Showers — 7 days ( but in our facilities we chhat was raining ) ⠀
— Packing and unpacking the suitcase — 10 times; ⠀
—Taken from six pairs of shoes worn — 2. ( highly comfortable flip flops ) ⠀ ⠀
—Depart on the tour 2 times;
—Eaten nachos— ton; ( will @banyantreemayakoba , try on the beach, chilly beans nachos — this is the gap!) ⠀
—Drunk tequila once, the number is blurred ( @amivilna , now our friendship is enshrined for the ages) ⠀
—New friends — shreds coati, iguana Tatiana and spider…,..right, it is crazy scary! ⠀
—Waist plus 2.; ⠀
—Tan — stupidly only the legs ( called, save your face from the sun as Marika) ⠀
—Tackles — 1 PCs : Mexican grandpa on the beach shouted to my address is something like “Oh, and ass!”. I pretended not to understand Spanish… ” explained Efrosinina in his trademark humorous style.

Note that in Mexico the celebrity vacationed in the company of her husband Timur Khromaev and 15-year-old daughter Nana.

Subscribers were quick to share their opinions, admiring the stunning figure of Mary and her young appearance and a positive sense of humor.

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