Masha Efrosinina plunged into the atmosphere of the Mexican exotics

Masha Efrosinina relaxes in exotic Mexico, the reserve of Michob, which arrived together with her husband Timur by Chromium and daughter Nan. Leading enjoy exotic scenery, local cuisine and unusual traditions of the country. She regularly tells and shows to subscribers in Instagram, as rich spends time on vacation and never ceases to wonder what is happening around. For example, Mary decided to try exotic dishes and drinks that made her unforgettable.

Маша Ефросинина погрузилась в атмосферу мексиканской экзотики

Even the daughter teledive ventured to join the tasting of unusual delicacies. So, Nana had a tea party… a caterpillar!

“My life will never be the same. First, I saw my daughter ate caterpillars! Secondly, at dinner we were served eggs of ants (vulgar part of my soul long tormented, as they may have eggs, but then I explained that it was eggs that they lay in the ground) — and it is just crazy delicious!!! Thirdly, I’m not a drinking man, tasted three kinds of local alcoholic heritage mezcal (moonshine smoked the cactus for short), and survived— think local climate”, — shared his impressions of Mary.

To the post she put up a photo in a light dress made of natural fabric in a boxy cut with embroidery and wide sleeves with cuffs. Leading smoothly combed hair back and decorated the huge hair flower. As shoes – comfortable sandals-gladiators with a turquoise stone.

First of all, the fans paid attention to the stylish way teledive.

  • Very beautiful image
  • Yak fine soukenka!
  • And the dress and flower, and Marika super!
  • Beauty
  • Beauty shines!
  • Little Mexican girl
  • Just sahwat from You in this obraz!
  • The dress is gorgeous it suits you perfectly.
  • Yak beauty!
  • Mary! You are looking great!
  • Marika shines like the sun! Very great pleasure and interest for your holidays!

In stories Masha showed what he does in the hotel. So, she went to a master class in sauces. New experience loved leading, she also did not miss the opportunity to eat local dishes. “Very tasty!” — said Masha on camera.