Masha Efrosinina published in a brilliant translucent dress

Masha Efrosinina has become a stellar guest of honor of the ceremony of BEST FASHION AWARDS, 2019, which took place on 19 November in the evening in Kiev. Moreover, Mary is not just called for a secular party, but also acted as a leading honorary ceremony. Note that co-host Efrosinina was Yuri Gorbunov.

Маша Ефросинина вышла в свет в блестящем полупрозрачном платье

The guests of the evening famous Ukrainian TV presenter literally shone. Efrosinina chose a black dress, heavily decorated with sequins, with lush billowing skirt. With this dress — translucent, shows the slender legs of its owner. The dress body. Also the waist accentuates a slim band. On the legs of the presenter — silver sandals on a thin stiletto heel. Completed silver glittery clutch bag.

By the way, the cost of the dress, which shone Efrosinina is $2725.

“Still no ceremony in Kiev can not be compared with #the BFA in the discipline of formal dress code. Still would like to break, if you’re on the main #fashion party of the year) And when you’re still in the mysterious daring dress, the attention provided! Royal feeling in it — my”, — has signed a series of photos Efrosinina.

Of course, Efrosinina also did a few photos with other star guests of the evening. We will remind that in the evening Tina Karol with an impressive cleavage shone in the company of men! The singer posed for the cameras in a luxurious evening dress in white.

Fans Efrosinina hastened to leave many nice reviews and compliments:

  • “Wow! Super dress on a gorgeous body! Where can I get that dress?”
  • “Dress! You are looking great”
  • “The dress is very beautiful. Masha, you it to the face. Beauty”
  • “Very beautiful dress”
  • “Oh, and girls beauty”
  • “What You beautiful!”
  • “You’re just a goddess! And hairstyle, and dress — up delight.”
  • “The dress is just bombeznaya. Maria, You like a Princess”