Masha Efrosinina rests on ecological resort

Recently Masha Efrosinina shared with fans of his unexpected joy — she offered to relax at the ecological resort in Mexico, and she and her husband and daughter Nan could make it. After a long flight, the family finally reached the destination and host shared the first photos of the holiday. Note that Sasha son she left at home with grandma, as it’s too small for such distant travel.

Маша Ефросинина отдыхает на экологическом курорте

Masha has published a colorful photo, where she poses on the balcony of their hotel in a luxury dark green floor-length dress in ethnic style. Complete the look lace-up and loose hair artist.

She noted that she wanted to go on this journey with my daughter, because she was almost 16 years old and soon it will be uninteresting to rest with the parents.

“So, we’re in Mexico! When I suggested this trip, things seemed impossible — ever missing time. However, Armin you don’t understand how the time wrote to me : the last six months I only think about how quickly matured our Nana, how rapidly the end of her childhood. And endlessly remember myself at almost sixteen when my parents dropped everything and went with me on a journey to Western Ukraine. I still remember every one of the day: as the mother in the morning woke sonorous quatrains, like the Pope in the evening, told funny stories; how to play the “fool” and walked, looking for constellations. We took Sanka, Yes, it is as if he realized how important it is now to let us go together. After all, he is unlikely to remember this trip.. But our girl will remember it for a lifetime! At least we with Timur really want this. Life for some reason only remembered the impressions received,” shared Efrosinina.

The TV star also talked a little bit about where they rest.

“We in the reserve-oriented eco tourism – here the excluded plastic and are used only electric-boat — mobiles and great. There’s a lot of animals like we are their guest, and a fabulous feeling that you fled to the edge of the world! I describe everything that happens in stories . While we go to a Mayan ceremony of sunset, with the participation of the shaman, and then Mayan dinner, which includes traditional ceremonies and meals. Now of us will in no wise cast out evil spirits and start the holiday,” said happy Maria.

In the comments netizens agree with the host about the importance of family memories and wish them a pleasant stay.

  • Cool!
  • Class,thank you Masha for this beauty.
  • Garnier dochenku. VI Chudov. Bike happiness Mati tak mozliwosci vddate the meeting place. I think your Donetz sapam Attica I journey together with you !))))
  • Wonder how good and positive!!!
  • Unforgettable impressions and a good rest
  • To tears… a pleasant and mental relaxation
  • Maria, I admire you…. have a great holiday
  • Tough break you
  • So touching about his childhood… And the memories of family travels timeless, it is a fact!!!! Have a good holiday!
  • Masha, You are amazing
  • As accurately said about our older kids – teenagers