Masha Efrosinina showed the gentle and open up about parenting

Masha Efrosinina is a happy and proud mother of two children, teenage daughter Nana and five year old son Sasha. Leading recently impressed everyone by admitting that in his youth the doctors diagnosed her infertility and she was too afraid to admit it to her husband. Fortunately, they were wrong! A celebrity is often divided in network, funny pics, videos and stories with your son, but Nan doesn’t like crowds.

Маша Ефросинина показала нежный снимок и разоткровенничалась о воспитании детей

On his page on Instagram she shared a tender black-and-white photo where she’s sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window. TV star spoke about a recent conversation with her daughter and that it made her think about the different ways of raising children.

“Children — flowers of life! And… periodic gap of the brain! Recently #of Manana sent me a knockout: she turned on my finger edify one question, and then said, “you’re a mom, why not present it rough?” — told Efrosinina.

A celebrity thinks, this is it really popular right now the strategy is to be the child’s friend and allow him almost everything can decide for yourself.

“Having taken this lump again, I thought: “but whether this fashionable recent years, the democratic position is to be the child’s friend, to negotiate with him and make from childhood to take responsibility for their decisions only for himself?” The universe instantly gave me food for thought in the form of a lecture by Ludmila Petranovskoj (psychologist and educator), in which she explained that this position of parents in relation to children is detrimental to the latter. No, not that it was necessary to return the spanking and corners with buckwheat… But the positioning of the parent as indisputable authority for the child, because the child in it, the authority, and needs. “Decision-making is a painful activity! You need to be able to help your child learn to do what he wants,” says Petranovskaâ. Get a grasp of these very exact words! I have something to think about! Sure, like all mothers here in my podeschi …” — openly shared Mary.

Leading members began to share their thoughts and experiences on this topic.

  • And I want to be son, friend, mentor, that he learned to think, but to feel the support
  • I hate to say this, but both want to preserve the trust
  • I also have a son recently told about the study, anyway : “it was necessary to make me, well you mom!!!”
  • In MENA also not disposable Buli situat, if meni said,” ti W mom.” I zadumyvalos, de is the line mizh friend I mom. TSE topic for discus.
  • I am for education,carrot and stick”, too many temptations of the younger generation
  • From I in me phytolaca TL position at a time Rozum, scho I primarily I am a mother, and next friend
  • TSE accurately.My daughter Ter said,chomu I make , walks on the dances
  • Thanks for the post, very good information. the mother of the child alone, and girlfriends can be a lot. The first thing to be a mom