Masha Efrosinina told about exotic experiments on vacation

Masha Efrosinina recently returned from exotic Mexico, where together with his family spent a memorable 10 days of vacation. Exotic resort leading and then appeared in stylish outfits and enjoyed making images in swimsuit, in addition, relaxed environment encouraged her to experiment with – Mary even took part in a master class in cooking local dishes. About his unusual experiences and impressions of the visit to colorful Mexico she told Katya Osadchaya in the “high life”.

Маша Ефросинина рассказала об экзотических экспериментах на отдыхе

Most telediva impressed by the exotic Mexican delicacies. However, to try them, she did not dare, but dare is her daughter Nan. The girl decided to eat … caterpillars!

“They were dried a little. I didn’t eat. Nana ate, because everybody said how good they were. They are they Parmesan, with some pepper. It is a delicacy, which promotes the fact that don’t need to eat chicken, fish, it is not necessary to kill animals. They are bred there, a lot of them — the whole plantation of these tracks,” — said Masha.

The very same presenter could not resist the traditional Mexican drink – tequila and mezcal ( alcoholic tincture). However, the expected effect of alcohol has not come exotic alcohol Masha did not take.

“It turned out that I am a strong woman. Maybe it’s the air, maybe a healthy sleep, but they came like dry land,” with humor told leading about their experiments.

“I was at one wedding, it was tasting different types of tequila. This tincture on hallucinogenic cactus. You drink a little, but it gets so warm and so good. I saw these caterpillars, I thought that when I decide to try them, then it’s time to finish with tequila. But never took,” she confessed.