Mass ‘March for freedom’ throughout Catalonia degenerated into a half-million rally in Barcelona (PHOTO)

Массовые 'марши за свободу' по всей Каталонии переросли в полумиллионную манифестацию в Барселоне (ФОТО)

About 525 thousand of supporters of independence of Catalonia came out on Friday at a demonstration in the center – near Plaza Catalunya and the metro station “Diagonal” in Barcelona, reports TASS.

Protesters arrived to the Catalan capital from all over the region. They organized several “marches for freedom” and Wednesday went to Barcelona from cities Berga, Vic, Girona, Tarragona and tàrrega. This demonstration is held without major incident, the report says the local police in Twitter.

A few kilometers in the framework of the General strike in the region is another event, which gathered about 10 thousand people. In the course of its implementation clashes with law enforcement demonstrators. In the area of the rally heard the explosions, rising smoke.
Police repeatedly used force after the protesters were thrown in their direction bottles and other items. While it is reported about three detainees, injured one policeman.

The protesters started burning the garbage. The venue of the rally arrived police cars. People are scattered on different streets. At the crossroads in the centre of the city, you can see police patrols.

On Friday in Catalonia began a General strike. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday demonstrations escalated into riots affected several hundred people. The rally started after the Supreme court of Spain rendered on Monday a verdict against the Catalan politicians who are involved in the organization of a referendum on independence. They were sentenced to terms of up to 13 years of imprisonment.

The riots, which was the epicenter of Barcelona’s airport, on Monday suffered 131 protester and about 70 law enforcement officers. In the last two days radicals block roads and railway tracks in various regions of the Autonomous community. On Tuesday, at least two circuits, clashes between radicals and police. Still blocked some roads.

The referendum on the independence of Catalonia was held in October 2017. For the separation of autonomy from Spain voted 90% came to polling stations on referendum day, or 2 020 144. The voting was 2.26 million people, or about 42% of the population of the region. However, the constitutional court of Spain, declared the vote unconstitutional, which led to mass protests across Spain.

The current court decision also was met with protests: the initiator of the referendum on secession of Catalonia from Spain and the protest leader Carles Putteman, who is hiding from the Spanish court in Belgium, published a post on Twitter, where he described the outrage the convictions of his supporters. Spanish football club “Barcelona” is also supported by Catalan politicians, saying that the resolution of the conflict in Catalonia “should be entirely from the political dialogue.” The head of the Catalan Generalitat Kim Torre requested an Amnesty for prisoners.