Massive fire near Los Angeles doubles in size in 24 hours

Large fire near Los Angeles doubles in size in 24 hours< /p> UPDATE DAY

A major fire ravaging an area on the outskirts of Los Angeles has doubled in size in less than 24 hours, firefighters said Thursday, as they face a sweltering heat wave in the western United States . 

Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate the area threatened by the 'Fairview Fire', which has now consumed more than 7,700 hectares of land.

“Fire is spreading east, south and in portions north of the fire's focus,” California Wildfire Services said.

Two people have already been killed in the fire that broke out on Monday, in the midst of an extreme heat wave that has been battering California and parts of Nevada and Arizona for a week, with temperatures flirting with the 45°C in some places, which puts the Californian electricity grid at risk.

The grid regulator, California ISO, narrowly avoided mard i rotating power cuts (controlled and spread over different areas).

He renewed his alert on Thursday to urge consumers to lower their electricity consumption between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. – two hours more than previous such calls – due to an expected “insufficient supply” on this slot.

“The state and much of the West are enduring a record-breaking and historically long heat wave, putting a strain on the network due to the high consumption of electricity”, recalled the regulator.

According to the American weather services, the heat wave should begin to dissipate in the next few days, but California is not out of the woods yet.