Master prestigious specialty nurses to work USA now you can remotely

The nursing profession (Registered Nurse) in USA are in demand and well paid. However, the level of responsibility of these professionals is very high, so they have to study for years, and for obtaining the license to work to pass a difficult test NCLEX-RN. Many immigrants with medical training would like to continue to work in the USA with your calling.

Освоить престижную специальность медицинской сестры для работы США теперь можно дистанционно

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Those who arrived in the country with a diploma nurse, have the ability without additional training to evaluierung your diploma to obtain a permit and pass an exam (to prepare for it) to get license Registered Nurse.

Now, thanks to the support of the company KYG Consulting Inc. health workers from other disciplines have a wonderful opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing. The company helps doctors and paramedics to register and submit the documents necessary to study in Ternopil state medical University named after I. Ya Horbachevsky. Diploma nurse bachelor degree is obtained after graduation gives the right to take the US NCLEX-RN to receive license American nurses (Registered Nurse) and work in America in this specialty in various medical institutions across the country.

Ternopil national medical University provides high-quality remote access to educational programs for obtaining the bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN).

Distance learning allows each student to create a personal timetable of study, starting from his employment, thus giving high-quality knowledge and a diploma that is recognized in the United States.

To ensure distance education Ternopil University has a special program. Teachers involved in the teaching, have received special training to work effectively on a training scheme. In addition, they are all faculty members of the University confirmed its high professionalism and has many years of experience training physicians.

Освоить престижную специальность медицинской сестры для работы США теперь можно дистанционно

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Enrolling on distance program BSN in the Ternopil University, every student receives a login and password to access resources on the web portal of the University. Student communication distance learning with the University through e-mail. There is detailed information on the learning process, announcements and news of the institution.

In addition, through this portal students have access to text and audio lectures. The level of learning is verified by periodic tests, and the questions you ask during a regular video sessions with teachers. At the end of each semester must pass the semester final exam, which also takes place in distance form. And only at the end of the last semester in the USA arrives the examination Commission for admission exams. The duration of the training course “nurse bachelor” – one year and ten months (four semesters).

At the end of a full course of study at the University of Ternopil, the student receives a diploma Supplement (academic transcript) thereto, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of education of Ukraine. This document opens up a path to obtaining a license Registered Nurse in the United States. The company KYG Consulting Inc. assists graduates in all phases of license: evaluation and diploma obtaining a permit for the exam NCLEX-RN to the process of exam preparation.

Освоить престижную специальность медицинской сестры для работы США теперь можно дистанционно

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The advantages of the distance learning program at the University of Ternopil:

  • Quality. Backed by over 50 years of experience training medical professionals, today Ternopil state medical University is one of the best medical educational institutions of Ukraine and the only one that offers a remote program nursing education in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The professionalism of the faculty and University staff provides the highest level of teaching.
  • Convenience. Distance learning allows you to learn at your own pace in the convenient for the student time.
  • Flexibility. Classes are held on a flexible schedule that allows students to keep working while studying.

Enjoy the benefits of distance learning programs and Advisory services of the company KYG Consulting Inc. and have the nursing education, learning when and where it suits you.

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