Match baseball League in Venezuela was over bright in a mass brawl (video)

Матч бейсбольной лиги в Венесуэле закончился яркой массовой дракой (видео)

Match baseball League in Venezuela between teams “MLB.” and “Zulia” ended with a vivid performance in a brawl, which was attended by both teams.

The match was drawing to its end in a devastating account in favor of “MLB.” but in one of the innings, the former batter of the club’s Major League baseball (МLB) – the “Arizona Diamondbacks” Alex Romero, who plays at present “Zulia” nervously responded that the pitcher, “MLB.” allegedly deliberately threw the ball in his direction.

Romero apparently decided that the pitcher suggested standing behind him a rival, so I attacked the catcher, hit him with a bat. Catcher in debt left, and started the brawl.

At its end removed from five people from both teams, and Romero’s as the instigator is likely to remain without baseball until the end of the season.

Add that baseball in torn thousands of problems Venezuela is the most popular sport.