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Матч за вихід в Лігу Чемпіонів між "Динамо" і "Зорею" знову обслужить жіноча бригада суддів

Katerina Monzul

Ukrainian Association s football (UAF) on svoa oftime sit APRILJUNE pravima arbtr, that suitemate match the 31st round of the Favbet to Play.

Of in particular, final round match, the battle for the other meeting place, the Yak allowed to take part in Kavala Turner Play League journal, mizh “Dynamo” and “Pauses” to serve suduse team on cal s Caterina Mosul.

Naadam, two Turi to the completion of the championship team lachey rosds some point.

Podenok budesa poslezavtra, 16 June.

Have Cherven “Shakhtar” dostrokove becoming the champion of Ukraine – at the 13th time in history through Europe non-stop.