Match of League of Champions became for Italy the biological bomb, the mayor of Bergamo

Матч Лиги Чемпионов стал для Италии биологической бомбой, - мэр Бергамо

Giorgio Gori

The mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori supported the view that the first match 1/8 Champions League final between Atalanta and Valencia (4:1), played February 19 in Milan, was the biological bomb.

While Gori emphasized that the events related to the conduct of the match, had a significant impact on the spread of the coronavirus throughout Italy.

“This match was a biological bomb. Then we didn’t know what was happening. In Italy, the first patient appeared only on 23 February. If a virus is already fully spread, 40 thousand fans who went to “San Siro”, had been infected. Many watched the match groups, there was a lot of contact,” Marca quoted Gori.

However, the mayor of Bergamo does not want to identify all the ills of the coronavirus in the country with a match in Milan.

“Of course, this meeting was not the cause of everything that happened, because the actual location of the outbreak was the hospital in Alzano Lombardo, where patients with undefined pneumonia had infected other patients, doctors and nurses”, – the politician.