Mateusz Morawiecki conveyed an important message to millions of Polish residents. Salary increases are being prepared for next year

Not one, but two increases have been announced by the prime minister.

 Mateusz Morawiecki delivered an important message to millions of Polish residents. Salary increases are coming next year

Many of us remember the times when the peak of our dreams was to earn 4 zlotys per hour for a private citizen, and 5 zlotys had to be earned with an appropriate experience of tireless work. With time, when Law and Justice came to power, we were promised to eliminate the activities of dishonest employers based on ignorance of employees' rights.

Mateusz Morawiecki announces the decision of the Council of Ministers on next year's minimum wages

They promised to raise wages and improve the situation of long-standing social groups in the worst financial situation. Slow changes began to appear, and with them, among others, pay rises, sealing the tax law and numerous programs from the “PLUS” series.

Mateusz Morawiecki mentioned the amount of salaries before PiS took power when he was announcing the latest idea in the ruling party regarding minimum wages. As it turns out, in 2023 we can expect so-called jump increases, and the first is to take place on January 1st.

The Council of Ministers – as reported by “Super Express” – adopted a regulation, according to which at the beginning of 2023, the minimum monthly rate is to be PLN 3,490, while the minimum hourly rate is to be PLN 22.80. But that's not all, because on July 1 next year, another increase is to come into force, thanks to which the monthly minimum wage will be PLN 3,600, while the minimum hourly rate is to be PLN 23.50.

Today at the Council of Ministers, after many months of consultations with trade unions and employers at the Social Dialogue Council, we decided to raise the minimum wage twice next year – to PLN 3,490 from January 1 and to PLN 3,600 from July 1. The minimum hourly wage will be PLN 22.80 from January 1 and PLN 23.50 from July 1. After these changes, the minimum wage in relation to the average wage will significantly exceed 50% – we read on the Prime Minister's Facebook profile. See what else we wrote about in the last days: Taken from life. M & oacute; j my husband and I live in a rented apartment, although my husband already owns one. The mother-in-law took them with her partner