Mathematicians have figured out how to survive the zombie Apocalypse

Математики выяснили, как пережить зомби-апокалипсис

Mathematics at the University of Sheffield in the UK has modelled the results of different tactics of survival during a zombie Apocalypse and found out that the best way to deal with the walking dead – the cessation of spread of the disease, reports the Daily Mail.

Experts explained that attempts to escape from the walking dead is meaningless, because the zombies have a faster and more precise reaction to a living person. Hence, scientists have concluded that first and foremost people need to think about creating a vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease.

“Using math, we can determine how much we need to take vaccinations to stop the spread of the disease,” said a specialist at the University of Sheffield Alex best.

He added that due to the established mathematical models, soon scientists will be able to predict future outbreaks and during to take action to combat it. This, as noted, will allow to better understand “natural human nature”.

Scientists, moreover, have suggested that aggression is a zombie arises in the case of reciprocal aggression in their address, that is, in real life “the walking dead” can quite comfortably exist in society and even go to work. Therefore, the surest solution to the problem of “zombie Apocalypse” could be a “domestication or proucevanje” zombie to the world, scientists believe.