Matt Damon: “It’s tough to be a friend of George Clooney”

“It was my first and last chance to work with James Cameron. Quite a shame to realize it”, — said Matt Damon about their biggest mistake.

Мэтт Дэймон: «Это невыносимо — быть другом Джорджа Клуни»

Good to hear, as Matt Damon jokes and talks about his love for cinema. In the last couple of years he had a hard time… When in Hollywood raised a wave of revelations in the case of Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment, Damon remembered the old merit of the producer — one of the few. Today it can cost any actor’s career. Although Matt only saw fit to pay tribute to Weinstein for once support. It was he more than twenty years ago gave the world the Damon and Ben Affleck, prodyusiroval the film “Good will hunting” written by unknown young men. Yes, even brought them to this glory, both received “Oscar” for the screenplay for this film.

And now about Matt, since not too favored by the awards, finally spoke up again. It is called one of the main contenders for the prestigious statuette in the category “Best actor” for his role in the film “Ford vs Ferrari”.

— How would you “sell” the plot of the film (this is a true story about the battle between teams in the 1960-ies, when they “had it out” for racing. — Approx. ed.) those who are indifferent to this business and the racing sport?

Well, I would say that he hated movies about race! (Laughs.) And finally “bought” only with the advent of Christian Bale and Director Jim Mangold. There was a story that seemed familiar to me. The story of the friendship of these two riders, one of which was considered to be a classic loser. But there are different guys worried about the same things. Important things. And so they managed to create a friendly Alliance, in which they were both better than each by itself. Yes, they fought and fought with each other like real brothers, they pushed each other to the wall, driven to madness, — is not familiar to many of us? But when it came to really important, they were at the same time…

— How did you find working with Christian Bale? He, too, is a living legend… (bale starred in such iconic films as Batman begins, Dark knight, American psycho, and others. — Approx. ed.)

He is one of the best actors in the world, which I have seen. So it was easy to feel in the shoes of your character Shelby. With Christian it is important to know one thing: discipline should be as in the monastery. He is willing to sacrifice for work and achieve their goals. The same dedicated — and not for show — was his hero. Could not stand fools. So I especially and did not have to strain beside him. Know how convinced to accept the role? The Director told him: “Listen, why are you pointing? This same character was an exact copy of you.” Bale in response to: “What does it mean? I’m a rare asshole and I don’t like?” (Laughs.)

— Who would you say is the best a colleague?

— I have always said and I repeat: I admire George Clooney. He is a wonderful and incredibly generous people. One of the best Directors I’ve ever worked with. And the more I know, the older we both get, the stronger I admire him and feel for him more respect. This right monstrously unbearable — to be his friend. Because I know that I will never be able to repay him for all his kindness. (Laughs.)

— You been playing for real and famous characters…

Yes. And it’s not always easy. In the film “Invictus” I had the role of a Rugby player. And one day, I met with the prototype when I was in South Africa. He invited me for lunch to his home. And he weighed over a hundred pounds and six feet tall. And here I go and see him such a huge… I Remember his first words: “you Know, in the film, I also look big!” (Laughs.)

— You have a lot of experience in driving cars in the most extreme conditions during filming, but what it was this time — almost always Christian bale behind the wheel, and you’re just a bystander? It does not hurt?

I was in shock when I saw a documentary about racing at the time and realized how dangerous that was. And dangerous now, but back then it was akin to suicide. These guys are just flying on bombs! No protection, literally sitting on the fuel tanks with huge engines that they, as engineers sought to adapt to the slightest buildings. And the weakest point of racing cars was brakes. And riders never knew for sure whether they at such speed and with such a hot motor to stop the machine at the right time. No, I would never is not gone! No wonder, with all the love for cars, was never a fan of racing. It is necessary to have remarkable courage.

You and Christian knew each other before filming?

— Well, we met, but didn’t interact much. It’s funny that on this shoot we had such injunction directing not to stay long in the same room together. So, Christian was involved in several projects that I missed. Now he says that every time was surprised and tried to understand why I refused? Where the dog was buried? (Laughs.)

And what kind of roles are these?

— The most famous — in the film “Fighter”. Because Christian there damn good. And has deservedly received “Oscar” for this work. But I refused, because I liked the idea but didn’t like the script. And Director, which was initially supposed to take off. And then came David Russell rewrote the script, got the Christian, and everything was fine. In General, I have followed Christian since then. I’ve been spies who reported everything to me. (Laughs.)

— Which of your characters is closest to you?

I do not know. Maybe partly from “Good will Hunting” — and my hero, and Ben Affleck. Although we both have no idea about mathematics. Ben always complains that once again could not help her daughter with math homework.

— The desire to achieve perfection — not does it have side effects? Also, the film is partly about that, and Christian bale, an actor and Director…

— On the way to losing it. But I still don’t think that’s the quickest way to go crazy. On the contrary, is the perfect and fastest path to happiness. (Smiles.) The desire to find the latest information and techniques and tactics to improve what they do, features people that are serious about their business. I recently had lunch with Tom Brady (a top American footballer, husband of the famous model and former beloved of Leonardo DiCaprio Gisele Bundchen. — Approx. ed.). And he talked about how busy finding the perfect flow curve ball. And he has thousands of them already did it more than forty years, and he still wants to find excellence in what life does! And this goal makes him happy.

— And you? Reviewing his films and worried, what could be better to play?

— Oh, no! To return to the past and worry about the fact that it is impossible to fix, is a direct path to the loony bin. Of course, I am aware that I now know a lot much better to do than twenty years ago. And I personally am still in search of his perfect film. And so I still love my job.

And in the last, say, ten years has changed in the film industry, in your opinion?

— Yes, everything! Absolutely unrecognizable was this industry. I’ve recently — the question of money — laughing with his wife on the same story when I could earn huge money. Then this would be possible. Because there was a DVD, for example. And that’s why you could count on a budget of 20 to 70 million on a dramatic picture. But no more of this. On the other hand, increased foreign market box office. But there is a need of huge blockbusters with a minimal amount of dialogue, movies about superheroes. This is not the business which I joined in the 90-ies. In those days copyright movie was incredible on the rise and all of it was interesting. Thanks to Harvey Weinstein and his company. Yes, I know, I strongly condemn such statements, but it is. Because we all, including him, grew up in the paintings of Robert De Niro and al Pacino… And I see clearly all the changes. Maybe because in the last couple of years not too much was filmed. And it’s clear that those days are never coming back.

Really no regrets in his career?

Well, I have one amusing story associated with failure, and I still don’t understand, I regret or not. (Laughs.) Jim Cameron has offered me the main role in “Avatar.” And with these words: “Look, I don’t need anyone. I mean, I don’t need a name. Don’t need a star. If you refuse, I’ll take an unknown actor and make a movie with him, because really this movie doesn’t need you. But if you do, I promise you ten percent of the fees…” It is to talk about money… (Smiles.)

In other words, you would be richer by a quarter of a billion dollars, considering how much money “Avatar”… (As you know, the role that the result was really unknown at the time, Australian actor Sam Worthington. — Approx. ed.)

Yeah, I gave up this amount of money, which never dreamed of any one actor. (Laughs.) But I do know that, if agreed, would create a lot of problems for Director Paul Greengrass and all my friends on the film “the Bourne Ultimatum”. I then said to Cameron. And he said to me, “you Know, I’ve only made six films during his career”. I did not immediately understand what he meant. Exactly what each of these movies was an event. And so it always seems like he did a lot more. So Yes, over time, I realized something else: maybe it was my first and last chance to work with James Cameron. This is a very upsetting feeling. And I was very hurt… But nothing. My children, thank God, are full. Shod and clothed. I’ve been well.

Is one of your favorite characters — Bourne. How about a new film about the superspy brand?

— Maybe to their 50-year anniversary were honored. For the last time. Although I don’t know if there’s enough physical strength to it. Last movie was pretty damn heavy. However, I said the same thing then. Had to eat their words with a happy smile on your face! (Laughs.)