Matt Damon went for a friend at a considerable sacrifice

At the time when both had just started his career in Hollywood, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were inseparable friends. However, over the years they started to see each other much less frequently. Both married, started a family, and a busy schedule didn’t leave much time for social contacts. But since then, family life Ben has failed, and he was all began to slide deeper into the abyss of his alcoholism, Matt became again much more likely to appear in the house of Affleck, to support each other, although cases have Damon not diminished.

Мэтт Дэймон пошел ради друга на немалые жертвы

Now Ben was treated, and got rid of his addiction. However, he was left alone because he had to get rid of two girlfriends — Lindsey Shukas and Shawna Sexton, who had put him up to joint drunkenness. And Matt does his best to encourage newfound sober lifestyle of the other. As told one of his friends Damon, for a friend he is ready for anything. For example, more recently, Matt, who always loved to drink a glass or two of good wine, in solidarity with Ben, practically refused alcohol. And when he is staying with Affleck or meets him at the restaurant, that never touches alcohol, not to introduce a friend into temptation. This was announced by the publication Radar online.

As for the Affleck, a couple of weeks ago, he celebrated a little anniversary — it has been a year since he doesn’t drink. And Ben, as he admitted, immensely proud of their achievement. “I understand that the battle with addiction to alcohol, this is a fight that will continue until the end of my life. And this battle, frankly, makes me very uneasy. However, I decided to fight — for myself and for my family…” — said the actor.

Recall, Ben for 10 years married to Jennifer garner, who became the mother of his three children: violet, the eldest is now thirteen years old, the average Seraphina, ten, and son Sam is seven. And Affleck a significant portion of my free time is dedicated to children. After the divorce, which the couple officially ended only last fall, Affleck and garner have agreed on joint custody of their children.