Matthew McConaughey thanked firefighters California delicious lunch

For the second year in a row Matthew McConaughey is getting at the plate to personally prepare lunch for those who fight forest fires.

Мэттью Макконахи отблагодарил пожарных Калифорнии вкусным обедом

A year after the devastating fire in California throughout the state again declared a state of emergency. Due to forest fires thousands of residents have fled their homes and nearly two million were left without electricity. Day and night local firefighters struggle with the elements. No luck so far.

To support rescuers and to Express my gratitude to you, Matthew McConaughey decided to give them a festive dinner. And together with his assistants cooked an enormous amount of food. Namely, 1600 barbecue from the Turkey. Half of them went to 20 fire stations in California. Other 800 Lunches were distributed to homeless shelters.

Planning this annual event, we did not know that California, my second home, will again be swept by destructive fires. The ability to provide food for men and women who fight the fire — it’s an honor for me — said the actor.