Max Barsky announced the release of a new album titled “1990”

Singer Max Barsky will present a new album in the second world tour Nezemnaya 2020. Sixth full-length LP called “1990”. Platform for the album became an international music label Sony Music Entertainment.

Макс Барских анонсировал выход нового альбома под названием «1990»

“1990 is the year of my birth, and this album I complete his musical trilogy: “Fog”, “Seven”, “1990”. Songs from the new album are still filled with the romanticism of those years, but put on more urban and contemporary sound. I create a mix Ugolino-sincere feelings with the mood of the big city. This journey back, but still in the future,” says Barsky.

The previous 2 albums, “Mist” and “Seven” brought Barsky in total 10 platinum discs. Record results achieved separate singles: “the Shore” — 3 platinum “Supernatural” — 2 platinum, “to Remember” — 1st gold record.

About the release of the album “1990” Max told on his page on Instagram, announcing the launch of the international musical quest. Premiere of new tracks from the sixth album, will be held in different cities around the world during concerts. Thus, every performance will be unique Barsky. Then the listener will immediately get access to the new on any digital platform.

Release date lead single from the album will be announced soon.