Maxim and Alexei released the album “Alesha and Maxim”

The band DETACH Alex Ferencik and Max Stadnik fulfilled their threat and in the framework of the project , Maxim and Alyosha released an album of his tracks. It’s called “Alexei and Maxim“.

Максим и алеша выпустили альбом «алеша и максим"

According to these musicians, on this album they are planning to earn a lot of money and gave it for sale to its distributors. Also the album is available on their YouTube channel, although the group claims that there it is not flooded.

We don’t want people listening to our music for free. We need the cash. We wrote music, so bought it. On our youtube channel album filled not by us but by someone else

outraged Maxim and Alexei.

So “original” name of the disc, the musicians have gone:

We thought long and hard about names. Among the options was a “Factor 3”, “RAM Stein”, “Rock power rap — grave” But then stopped at “the Duchess and Maxime” — that Lech was not sorry to always be in the title of the second. Now we have equality, as is now fashionable.

The disc consists of ten tracks — “Hatelove”, “My cherry”, “Zoe”. “Lotto”, “Evil aunt”, “Hayter”, “Officer”, “Shorty”, “Broken Hand” and “Turkish novel”. Their debut track, “Mama, don’t push play” on the album Maxim and Alesha added.

We just forgot

the band says.

On Saturday, September 28, at the capital club “Warm Lamp” will premiere the album and solo concert.