May ignite: fire I beg you not to leave sanitizer in cars in hot weather

Sanitizer for hands that contain flammable substances that are stored in the car during the hottest time of day, can be ignited. About this on his page in Facebook said the police Department’s Western lakes (Wi).

Могут воспламеняться: пожарные просят не оставлять санитайзеры в машинах в жаркую погоду

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“Our message is aimed at the prevention of fire or injury from the use of disinfectant for hands. In the recent past there have been rare cases when the reflected light passed through the transparent bottle, can focus on the fuel surface and cause a fire. It was mostly water bottles, but as a disinfectant for hands and now there is everyone and everywhere, you need to remember about safety. The ignition principle is identical and, obviously, there is the additional problem, if this happens in the presence of the product is alcohol-based,” — said in a statement.

“When a disinfectant for hands is still wet it is flammable. With the recent increase in the use of this product, we wanted to remind the public that it is important to prevent this. Many people are now in quarantine, the weather improved and they started to roast on the grill, partying at a bonfire and other entertainment, so it is important to be mindful of security,” wrote a police Department.

Police also say that the cigarette is also an open flame, which can cause inflammation.

“We don’t want anyone getting hurt, observing the rules of hygiene, and then inadvertently coming into contact with an open flame, — stated in the message. We just want our customers to be happy, healthy and healthy, and enjoying the time they spend together with family and friends.


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