Maybe even rotate the Rubik’s cube: Ukraine has created the world’s best electronic prosthetic hand

Может даже вращать кубик Рубика: в Украине создан лучший в мире электронный протез руки

— Now the world’s only two companies produce modern bionic (responds to neural impulses of the person. — Ed.) prosthetic hands, says team member Ukrainian startup, has created its own bionic prosthesis, Anna Belevantseva from Kiev. — Dentures these foreign monopoly companies are very expensive — from 25 to 60 thousand dollars. And manufacturers have no incentive to reduce the price. It turns out that not all those in need available bionic prostheses. In Ukraine the demand for them is particularly high, because a large number of combatants lost on the front of the hands. So two years ago we set a goal to create a modern bionic prosthesis, which would be much cheaper than the foreign and surpassed them in performance. And now the prototype is ready for clinical trials. Based on their results in about a month we plan to introduce ready-to-use prosthesis. It was created by a team of five people.


“Gave up the career of a doctor because of corruption in medicine”

Available now on the market for bionic implants of foreign firms, which I mentioned, developed by five — ten years ago — continues Anna Belevantseva. — So our team had a chance to create a more perfect prosthetic with the most advanced technical innovations. They are up to the task. Achieved, for example, that each finger prosthesis can move independently (in the models this is not). The cost of our products — from six to twelve thousand dollars. That is more than four times cheaper than the competition.

It is important to note that we regularly consult via Skype or phone with prosthetics specialists from USA, Canada, Poland. And with their Ukrainian colleagues and physicians who have experience with patients who have bionic implants. In Ukraine, they provided about 15 veterans of the ATO. As far as we know, the dentures for them, paid by the government.

Our startup is headed by young entrepreneur Dmytro Gazda. This is the sixth account of his business project.

— By education I am a doctor, — says Dmytro Gazda. — The medical University did because my father is a doctor and mom is the head nurse. By the way, to study medicine I really liked.

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— How is it that you went into business?

— My first entrepreneurial experience I got in 2009 when I interned at. Then I was 23 years old. It began with a conversation with a friend about what overseas the popular bean bags, but in Ukraine they don’t even sell. Got the idea to try to start production this extraordinary furniture. Bought materials: Bologna for the inner cover and Oxford fabric (sew bags and backpacks) — external. In the garage of a friend made patterns, asked the seamstress to sew our first bean bag chair. Filled it Styrofoam beads. All this cost us 400 UAH. At the then exchange rate — $ 50. We immediately were able to sell the product. With the money sewed two more chairs. And off we go. Transported blanks seamstresses and the guys that stuffed products of foam balls. Ready bean bags are well sold out and we were able to open a shop, and two years after the start of the project — to hire executives. This company is still a leader on the Ukrainian market. By the way, the development of bionic prosthesis partly financed from its profits.

Может даже вращать кубик Рубика: в Украине создан лучший в мире электронный протез рукиThe startup team. From left to right: Stas Kokin, Mr Gazda, Anna Belevantseva, Igor Ilchenko

— Without regret gave up the career of a physician?

I liked her. But working at the clinic, saw that medicine is corrupt. If I became a doctor, would have to take “gratitude” from patients and prescribe medication, which is lobbying for a Department chair or a physician. And the business is honest.

After it was established the production of bean bags, I have launched several business projects. For example, he participated in bringing the foreign market stylish rugs one Ukrainian women-designer. She had no experience in business, so needed help — mine and my colleagues. We created for her professional management team, developed the website, took photos and video…

“The next version “smart hands” will be able to anticipate the desires of man”

In a project to create a bionic hand Dmitry invited engineers from Poltava.

— I have to Poltava ran his own law firm, engaged in developments in the field of mechanical engineering, says engineer Igor Ilchenko. — Dmitry drew me to participate in the development of the prosthesis as a freelance specialist. Now I and some members of my Poltava firms are already full members of the team that created bionic arm. We moved to Kiev.

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The work of the prosthesis is based on the fact that his sensors catch the nerve impulses from the remnants of the muscles of the human hand. Our current version of the artificial hands is the second. It is testing a volunteer who does not have a single brush. This guy is very valuable — he expertly evaluates the work of our offspring. By the way, for users is particularly important, the weight of the prosthesis. Our light — weighs only 400 grams. Foreign counterparts more difficult: 500-600 grams. So much for the dentures, having the form of a human hand. But abroad producing a prosthesis that resembles a robot arm. They are very heavy. But you can use them even with a chainsaw to work.

Может даже вращать кубик Рубика: в Украине создан лучший в мире электронный протез рукиFor the development of prosthesis took two years

— What can you create prosthetic?

— Strength compression 400 grams. So nuts with it, will not spin. Gravity is also not diarrhea. But about 90 percent of the needs of the average user, it is able to satisfy. For example, allows you to open the door, use a Cup, fork, spoon, butter knife, to take in hand other small objects, even rotate the Rubik’s cube. In addiction to our “smart hand” and the development of the human need for about a month.

— By the spring of next year, we plan to create the next version of the prosthesis — he will adapt to the habits of the man — adds Anna Belevantseva. — Such opportunities the product will provide a new electronic platform “smart grip”. The bottom line is this: embedded in an artificial hand, a computer would remember the movement of the person when he takes certain things or perform any other actions. And repeat to predict the user’s intentions. Then the person will not need to cut the remnants of his muscles — “smart hand” will realize what you want from it, and do the work.

Photo by Sergei TUSHINO, “FACTS”

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