Mayor Tory will attend a rally in support of the LGBT community (PHOTOS)

Мэр Тори посетит митинг в поддержку ЛГБТ-сообщества (ФОТО)

Today, the mayor of Toronto will take part in a rally in support of unity, which it was decided to organize in response to the plans of the so-called Christian group known for its rejection of the LGBT community to March in protest of the gay district of the city.

John Tory says he’ll join the defenders of the LGBT community in protest against “unnecessary provocation.”

He said that the event will be organized duty of the police in case of a possible collision.

Tory hopes that a unity rally will demonstrate how the city administration, standing shoulder to shoulder with those who threaten, responding to “intimidation”.

Christian group calls itself the supporters of freedom of speech, fighting for the rights of “traditionalists”, which, according to them, in modern society we have to be quieter water below the grass.

Representatives of the LGBT community said that the group is engaged in propaganda against gays and lesbians, although the organizers of the group disagree and argue that they simply don’t accept the “most livelihood of the LGBT community.”