Mayors massively call trump to withdraw Federal troops from the major cities of USA

Half a dozen mayors appealed to the administration trump with the request to withdraw the Federal forces of major American cities, or discontinue the plans for their submission, writes CNN.

Мэры массово призывают Трампа вывести федеральные войска из крупных городов США

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In a letter sent 20 July to the name of the attorney General William Barr and acting Secretary of the Department of homeland security, Chad wolf, the mayors called the intention of the administration to deploy Federal troops against protesting “abuse of power”.

A letter signed by the mayors of Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland, Tucson, Sacramento, Phoenix and Kansas city, Missouri, urged the administration to withdraw Federal forces from the cities, where they are currently deployed, and to stop plans to send them to other places.

Protesters and Federal agents faced in Portland, where protests lasted more than 50 days. In anticipation of the weekend in honor of US independence Day, the administration of the tramp was sent to the city group of Federal agents — the President said that efforts were aimed at protecting Federal property, but the protesters say that the action sparked public outrage.

The letter States that Federal officials used “significant force” against protesters in Portland at night. The officers are accused that they “snatched” the man in the street and put him in the unmarked car, and another was shot in the head.

“This is a tactic that we expect from authoritarian regimes, not from our democracy,” wrote the mayors.

The letter noted that President Donald trump has threatened to send forces to “remove” the protesters in Seattle and “clean up” Chicago. The letter also accused the Federal forces to use “extreme actions” against protesters in Washington, D.C., without the approval of the mayor.

“The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis has caused a national uprising, the letter reads. — Most of the protests were peaceful and were directed to the improvement of our communities. Where this is not the case, it still does not justify the use of Federal forces. The unilateral deployment of these paramilitary type forces in our cities that are completely incompatible with our system of democracy and our most basic values.”

Protests in Portland began after the death of Floyd during a police detention. The demonstrators also called for justice after the death of Breonna Taylor, Ahmad private bathrooms, Elijah McClain and other blacks. But while marching for Black Lives Matter took place in the afternoon, from time to time protests went violent in the part of the city at night. The result was injuries among the civilian population and police, vandalism, arson and accusations of cruelty.

From 13 to 19 July, according to the press service of the police Bureau of Portland, was arrested at least 40 protesters on charges from resisting arrest to disorderly conduct.

The state’s attorney urged to investigate why Federal agents take some of the protesters and placed in the vehicle unmarked.

“I offered the support of the Department of homeland security to help locally to solve the situation that is happening in Portland, and their only response was: please pack your things and go home,’ said wolf in an interview with Fox News. — It just will not happen while I’m home.”


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