Mbappe scored a masterpiece goal in the semi-finals of the French Cup (video)

Мбаппе отметился шедевральным голом в полуфинале Кубка Франции (видео)

Kilian Mbappe

In the semi-finals of the French Cup, Lyon has been home to the national champion – “Paris St Germain”.

The match ended strong-willed victory of guests 5:1.

The score was opened by the hosts in the 11th minute, but further goals were scored only by Parisians.

A hat-trick scored Kilian Mbappe. Especially good was the second goal of the 21-year-old player of the French team.

Having worked in the defense, Kilian intercepted the ball near his own penalty area and then turned on the turbo boost. Firmware the opponent’s defense Mbappe for the first time in the match put PSG ahead.

Rival Parisians finals will be determined today in opposition to the “Saint-Etienne” and “Rennes”.