McDonald’s visitor poured tea with marijuana

В McDonald's посетителю налили чай с марихуаной

How to write Fox News , the man from South Carolina claims that after buying a sweet tea at McDonald’s, he felt strange, and “flew as a kite”.

Parrish brown went to McDonald’s on the island of Hilton head and ordered 10 chicken nuggets, a double cheeseburger and a sweet tea with ice and extra lemon (“extra lemon”).

Brown believes that employees of fast food restaurant and thought “extra lemon” is a street name for marijuana.

After the man drank the tea, he found three bags of pot in his Cup.

Brown said he never tried marijuana, so I do not understand the taste.

“I have never in my life tried marijuana, so after I started to drink tea, just felt strange,” said 24-year-old man from Charleston.

The official representative of the Beaufort County Sheriff major Bob Bromage, announced the continuation of the investigation.

“Our main priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our customers. We are cooperating fully with law enforcement authorities”, — wrote the representative of McDonald’s.