McGregor beat of the bar for refusing to taste the whiskey (video)


Макгрегор избил посетителя бара за отказ отведать виски (видео)

Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor got into trouble. Entering the bar Marble Arch Pub in his native Dublin, the athlete decided to treat everyone present whiskey production own company Proper Twelve.

One of the visitors refused to treat, while certainly “plummet” to the Conor a few sarcastic comments, then the fighter promptly loaded the “conscientious objector” in his ear and was safely taken under the hands of their friends. The police of Dublin have launched an investigation into the incident.

Just a couple of hours one of the fans reacted to the misconduct of a famous athlete. The Irishman Sam Vallely posted on his Twitter page a video which pours whiskey under the brand name MacGregor the drain. “Saw Conor beats the old man. Fuck you, no longer able to support him. People think I bought a bottle just to make this video. No, I bought it a few weeks ago“—he wrote under the post.

Note that your latest fight McGregor held October 6, losing to the Russians Habib Nurmagomedova. For participating in the fight, arranged after the fight, the Irishman received a six month disqualification. It is noteworthy that in the spring of McGregor has announced his retirement, but after a few days he changed his mind and refused to venture to retire.


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