Media: Clinton allowed the CIA to eliminate Osama bin Laden before the 9/11 terrorist attacks

A new documentary shows that US had the opportunity to eliminate Osama bin Laden in the 1990s, years after tracking his whereabouts with the help of Afghan informants, but are unable to do so because of an order signed by then President bill Clinton, writes Fox News.

СМИ: Клинтон не позволил ЦРУ ликвидировать Усаму бен Ладена задолго до терактов 9/11

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This order allowed the CIA to engage in “lethal activities” against the leader of “al-Qaeda”, but the target of the attack could not be his murder.

“We were asked to resolve this threat to the United States, in fact, one hand bound behind our backs,” said the former the former head of the CIA station Bob Grenier in the documentary “the longest war” Showtime published by The Daily Beast. At the time Grenier was based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

“Our Afghan contacts came to us and said, “Look, he’s in this place. When he leaves, he will have to go through this particular junction.” And so they proposed to dig a huge stock of explosives under these intersections, so that when his convoy passed, they could just blow it up. And we responded with absolute rejection. We risked to end up in jail if we didn’t tell them about it,” says Grenier in the film.

The Director of the documentary Greg Barker told The Daily Beast that while the President, State Department and other officials did not consider bin Laden as a greater threat, and high-ranking officials “ignored and even ridiculed by” those who said otherwise.

Clinton in the past, discussed why he did not declare the hunt for bin Laden another time, essentially claiming that he didn’t want to kill innocent bystanders.

The documentary explores what might happen if the administration took action at that time.


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