Media: Nissan will cut production of cars by 30%

СМИ: Nissan сократит производство авто на 30%


The pandemic had a negative impact on the auto industry

Until December of this year, the automaker plans to produce about 2.6 million cars, which is 30% less than last year.

In connection with falling demand in the automotive market, the Nissan Motor Corporation plans before the end of December to cut global car production by 30%. About it reports Reuters, citing two people familiar with the source.

It is noted that the drop in demand for cars due to pandemic complicates the company’s efforts to restore profitability.

The second-largest Japanese automaker plans to produce about 2.6 million cars in the period from April to December compared to 3.7 million for the same period last year.

As you know, the world’s automakers faced difficulties after the beginning of the year, their plants were closed, to stop the spread of the outbreak of coronavirus. Car dealerships were also closed in many countries, which led to a sharp drop in car sales in the period from March to may, although in June the decline in sales slowed down.