Media: North Korean leader after the operation ‘turned into a vegetable’

The doctor who conducted the North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu heart surgery, was very nervous, his hands trembled, causing the operation lasted eight minutes instead of the one stated in the article Japanese weekly “Shukan Gendai,” writes the RIA “Novosti”.

СМИ: лидер Северной Кореи после операции 'превратился в овощ'

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Earlier, South Korean newspaper the Daily NK reported, citing a source in North Korea that Kim Jong UN is undergoing treatment after surgery that is associated with the cardiovascular system.

The author of the material in “Sukan Gendai” Daisuke Condo refers to details of a heart attack at the North Korean leader, who revealed to him the source in Chinese medical circles.

“Chairman Kim Jong-UN during his inspection tour of the region, suddenly clutched at his heart and fell. Accompanying a group of doctors, in the rush to conducting CPR, took him to the nearest emergency room” — gives the Condo the words of the source.

At the same time, according to the interlocutor of the journalist, North Korea urgently asked China to send a group of doctors from Beijing.

According to this source, a group of about 50 people with equipment were sent by special flight to Pyongyang.

“However, a group of North Korean doctors, believing that if they will wait for Chinese physicians, the patient will not survive, decided to carry out an emergency surgery to install a stent in the heart”, — noted Japanese publication.

As stated in the publication, the operation of stenting is not too complicated and “by itself, the surgery to install a stent in the main blood vessel takes about one minute”.

“However, carried out the operation, the surgeon was very nervous, his hands trembled. Experience of carrying out operations on overweight patients, as Kim Jong-UN had not been. Therefore, the placement of the stent took eight minutes,” the magazine gives the words of the Chinese source.

According to him, Kim Jong-UN “plunged into a vegetative state.” When this arrived, the Chinese medical team visited the North Korean leader, but to help nothing could.

Yonhap news Agency, citing sources in the government of South Korea reported that the news that the head of the DPRK serious health problems, are not true. Reporters interviewed experts do not consider information about the health of Kim Jong UN reliable, and widespread Internet subsequently, the reports of my death call is unlikely.



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