Media reported about ‘nuclear explosion’ on the submarine China in the South China sea and the high radiation level (PHOTOS)

In the South China sea allegedly occurred “underwater nuclear explosion”. This is with reference to sources reported by the publication of the Hal Turner Radio Show.

It is alleged that the explosion occurred at a depth of 50 m and its capacity was 10 to 20 kilotons of TNT. In this edition indicates that the map of the global network of environmental monitoring uRADMonitor allegedly recorded a “significant” indications of radiation. Other media have noted that some time after the explosion, the surge of background radiation have been recorded in Taiwan, China and Vietnam.

According to the source, in the South China sea combat duty the submarines of the United States, so there is a possibility that the explosion could have damaged one of them. Official confirmation of this information.

At the same time, experts believe that this news is a fake: according to them, nuclear explosion capacity of 10-20 kilotons would have caused a tsunami up to 30 meters, and such information would instantly have appeared in leading media outlets are silent about this incident. In addition, none of the major media there are no data about changes of the radiation background in the area of the proposed explosion, and he clearly did not go unnoticed, given that in the South China sea are many routes of transportation.