Media reported about the connection of pirates, who stole the Russians from the ship off the coast of Cameroon (PHOTOS)

СМИ сообщили о выходе на связь пиратов, похитивших россиян с судна у берегов Камеруна (ФОТО)

The pirates abducted eight people from the ship “of Marmarita” off the coast of Cameroon, was released on bond, reported RIA “news” a source in the company-the employer. “Made contact.Requirements have not yet been announced. All is going quiet,” said the source. According to him, the wounded and sick among the captured members of the crew there, they are presented with clothes and medicines for malaria.

The Russian Embassy in Yaounde confirmed that the kidnappers made contact. “We are in touch with the Cameroonian authorities, and they do not confirm that the kidnappers made contact. Information about the whereabouts of the Russians there, the search continues with the participation of the Cameroonian authorities”, – said the source TASS. The German company owner MarConsult Schiffahrt comments.

On August 15 at the roadstead of the port of Douala (Republic of Cameroon) pirates attacked a German-owned company MarConsult Schiffahrt cargo ship “of Marmarita”, coming under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda. Pirates have kidnapped eight people, including three Filipinos and a Ukrainian.

As reported “Interfax” the head a press-services of Prosecutor’s office of Hamburg Nan Frombach, the other four captured, including the captain, the XO and chief engineer of the Russians from St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Murmansk. The ship itself is not stolen. The remaining crew members conveyed the message to the pirates that are soon released on bond. According to an online portal for tracking vessel traffic marine traffic, the August 17 “Marmolite” is in port at Douala.