Media reported about the secret wedding of Ronaldo and his beloved

According to information obtained from one of the mates Cristiano Ronaldo, 34-year-old said goodbye to single status. This was the other Ronaldo told the reporter of the edition Novella 2000. It is reported that the wedding of Cristiano and his girlfriend —Georgina Rodriguez was strictly classified. And held it supposedly until a few months ago — in August of this year, in Morocco, but for some personal reasons, the couple has not yet disclosed this information. However, as assured by the friend of the footballer, Ronaldo has already made the necessary changes in the documents, including Georgina in his will.

СМИ сообщили о секретной свадьбе Роналду и его любимой

In fact, the rumors that Ronaldo and Rodriguez, who began Dating back in 2016, ready to take their relationship to the next level, go for a long time. So in February of this year, Georgina, answering a reporter’s questions Spanish publication HOLA!, said: she dreams of becoming a wife, Ronaldo and hopes that this will soon happen. But she has denied appeared in that time a wave of rumors about their alleged engagement have already taken place. And a little later the mother Cristiano — Maria Dolores — confirmed that Georgina has yet to become her daughter-in-law. However, she has no doubt that it will happen.

As for the Ronaldo, during the TV show Good Morning Britain, which took place some time ago, he told host Piers Morgan:”Georgina helps me so much! And, of course, I love her. We will get married. Why not? Because she is also my best friend, we love talking to each other. I opened his heart to her, and she told me his…” And Ronaldo, to mention the invaluable help Rodriguez, not exaggerating. She’s not the only happy player daughter Alana, but was, in fact, a mom with three other kids, Cristiano born to surrogate mothers.